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Focus on Service and Administration
Our focus is on hidden processes, where the work is carried out in conversations, in computers and in the cloud. This is the modern office. The work is complex, it involves people and it is situational. This makes it difficult to script procedures that cover all eventualities.
Methods developed for manufacturing do not work that well for this type of work. The focus for visible processes (manufacturing, assembly and engineering) is reducing variation, applying standard work and driving efficiency. Hidden processes (service, transactional, administration) must focus on the end to end customer journey, first time resolution and being effective.
We recommend lean for the manufacturing part of an organisation and Practical Process Improvement for finance, HR, customer service and all hidden processes. Most organisations have no manufacturing, so there is no need to blend methods - just apply PPI.
Favourite Method
We teach a variety of different courses, including lean and parts of six sigma, but our favourite method for service and administration departments or organisations is Practical Process Improvement. It is simple, practical and involves everyone. Employees are formed into teams to solve problems using the 8-Step Method. Training is required for the initial project, but teams can go on a solve dozens of problems using the method. And projects take only a couple of days or as little as an afternoon. PPI is a programme that is taught, coached and facilitated by existing staff.
Skill Transfer
All of our training courses are designed for internal trainers. We aim to transfer the skills into your organisation, to enable your existing staff to run the courses and roll out the training across different departments, sites or countries.
A good model for an internal trainer is to observe the course being run the first time, then to run the next course under observation and coaching. This allows them to gain the necessary skills, knowledge and behaviours to run subsequent courses on their own.
Training Materials
The materials have been developed to make it as easy as possible for an internal to pick up and teach the courses. Everything is built on the latest adult learning theories and good facilitation practices. Slides are used to structure the course, but the training is much more about discussion, exercises and immediate application. The training books are laid out in such a way as to help both trainer and the class; you can watch a video explaining this here.

Project Team Training Training Books by Dr Mike Bell Training Slides and Videos by Dr Mike Bell

Training Courses

Process Mapping Training
Simple Data Analysis Training
PPI Project Team Training
Train the Trainer Course
Steering Committee training
Process Champion Training
Process improvement growth
Systems Thinking Training
Operational Excellence Training
Lean Introduction
Facilitation Training
Bespoke Training