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Train the Trainer Course

Title Train the Trainer
Duration 5 days
Description This is the course for trainers to learn how to teach, coach and facilitate Practical Process Improvement (PPI) projects. It covers all aspects of PPI, including programme structure, project selection and all of the roles. The main focus is on teaching practice

5-25 people

Choose from high potential individuals who want to learn how to drive improvement

Mission To learn how to teach, coach and facilitate PPI projects and teams
Deliverables This is the first step in qualification as a PPI Process Manager and by the end of the week, students will be ready to observe a project
Process Highly intereactive sessions involving teaching the material to the rest of the class, completing a case study and running exercises

Day1 Programme structure, Problem statements, Study hall

Day 2 Teaching practice, case study

Day 3 Teaching Practice, case study

Day 4 Facilitation

Day 5 Coaching

Simple Data Anlaysis Training PPI-5 Training Guide by Dr Mike Bell & R. Edward Zunich PPI 8020 Training Guide by Dr Mike Bell & R. Edward Zunich

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