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Project Team Training Course

Title Project Team Training
Duration 5 days

Form employees into a team, give them a problem to solve and solve that problem while learning the Practical Process Improvement 8-step method. The training and project run full time for a week, culminating in a Report Out to management on the last afternoon


Ideal team size is 5-7 people plus a Facilitator


Provide an understanding of PPI and the 8-Step Method

Learn/review some concepts, methods and skills for team improvement efforts

Apply these concepts, methods and skills while completing a team project in a Learning

Deliverables A completed project and a team that can apply the 8-Step Method again and agin to different problems
Process Interactive workshop with a mixture of training, exercises and application of tools to the project

Step1 Mission Statement
Step 2 Current Process
Step 3 Quick Fixes
Step 4 Analyse the Data
Step 5 Find Solutions
Step 6 Test Solutions
Step 7 Standardise the Process
Step 8 Future Plans

Project Team Training PPI-5 Training Guide by Dr Mike Bell & R. Edward Zunich PPI 8020 Training Guide by Dr Mike Bell & R. Edward Zunich

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