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Project Management Training Course

Title Effective & Efficient Project Management
Duration 2 days
Description A simple approach to structuring, running and making projects successful. This course relies on many examples and exercises to explain the structure of projects and the many things that can go wrong. A simple 5 phase model is proposed that can be applied to projects of all types and sizes.

This introductory course is aimed at people who are not full time project managers, but want to take on the role or participate in a project. It contains everything that you will need to know about project management in a simple and fun format.


Provide an overview of Effective and Efficient Project Management

Explore the key role of the Project Manager

Promote the use of process and structure to achieve the best project outcomes


Recognise the elements that make a project successful

Be equipped to participate in or manage a project


Process A mix of presentation, exercises and discussion, focusing on generic project management (rather than one specific methodology)
  • What is a project?
  • The anatomy of a project, including various methods
  • Project scope and stakeholders
  • Assessing and controlling risks
  • 5 phases of project management
  • Planning and the Critical Path
  • Resources and budgets
  • Variations vs. scope changes
  • Helpful tips and tricks for successful projects


Project Managements Training Effective & Efficient Project Management by Dr Mike Bell

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