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Process Mapping Training Course

Title Process Mapping
Duration 0.5 day

Mapping a process is essential in understanding and improving the work-flow. This session will cover the basics of process mapping, especially pitfalls to avoid, plus the importance of reducing both variation and wasteful steps. However, the majority of time will be devoted to defining and mapping the key processes.

We have run this course hundreds of times and it is always great fun. Learn how to make perfect boiled eggs, brew a cup ot tea and get money out of a cash machine.


Ideal class size is 5-15 people who work in the process(es) to be mapped

Mission To develop a common understanding of process mapping and the benefits in driving improvement Identify the key processes and map these at the 30,000 foot level. Agree the plans to map the processes at the 500 foot level
Deliverables Overview of the key processes, categorised as Strategic, Core and Support, plus 30,000 foot maps of the key processes
Process Interactive workshop session involving lots of Post-it notes

What is Process Mapping?

Defining the Key Processes

Sorting into Strategic, Core, Support

30,000 foot view of Key Processes


Where next? Discussion

Developing the Action Plan

Article on Process Mapping by Dr Mike Bell Process Mapping Training Button

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