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Process Champion Training Course

Title Process Champion
Duration 0.5 day
Description The Process Champion owns the process being worked on by the project team and is ultimately responsible for the success of that team. However, it is important that the Process Champion does not steer the direction of the project. This course describes the importance of this role and what should (and should not be done) to help the team

Leadership and management looking to take on the role of PPI Process Champion or gain an insight into the PPI program. Ideal class size 5-50

Mission The purpose of the seminar is to familiarise management with the Practical Process Improvement (PPI) program and to illustrate the structure, tools and methods that are used.
Deliverables Skills and knowledge to take on the role of a PPI Process Champion
Process A mixture of presentation, discussion and exercises exploring process improvement and how to manage a team’s efforts to achieve the optimum outcome.
  • The need for improvement
  • The Two Track Approach
  • Customer Allegiance and Brands
  • Mapping processes
  • PPI Teams and Projects
  • PPI Roles
  • Steering Committees
  • Project Selection
  • Change management
Process Champion Training Understanding PPI by Dr Mike Bell & R. Edward Zunich When Projects Go Bad by Dr Mike Bell

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