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Methods for Service and Admin Process Improvement

Practical Process Improvement
Lean Manufacturing
Six Sigma
System Thinking

Visible or Hidden Processes

Select Your Improvement Programme flowchart

Selecting Your Improvement Programme

Complex work needs only Simple Improvement methods.

Find out more in Dr Mike Bell's book "Selecting Your Improvement Method". Order by adding the book to your shopping bag; cost £3.99 plus shipping. Also available on Amazon as the Kindle edition, price £1.99.

It outlines the things that you should consider in choosing an improvement programme for your organisation, starting with why you need such a programme in the first place.

There is brief description of the origin of the most common methods and the type of work that they are best suited for. Finally, the type of organisation is important in making your choice. A blend of methods may be the most appropriate, say PPI for the hidden processes and lean for the visible processes.

The improvement methodologies covered in this book include Lean Manufacturing, Six Sigma, Practical Process Improvement (PPI), Theory of Constraints, Ford's 8D, Kepner Tragoe, Quality Circles, Total Quality Management, High Performing Teams.

Practical Process Improvement

Practical Process Improvement (PPI) is simple, practical and involves everyone in the organisation. In fact, so simple that you can implement it yourself with little or no external support.

Employees are formed into teams to solve important problems for the organisation using the PPI 8-Step Method. Everyone will require training initially and the training projects are run over an intensive 5 days (full time) or spread over 6-14 weeks. Thereafter projects can be completed in a few days or even a few hours.

The programme was developed by Ed Zunich and adapted and updated for service and admininstration processes by Dr Mike Bell.