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Lean Intro Training Course

Title Introduction to Lean
Duration 1 day
Description This course is an introduction to lean, from its roots in the Toyota production System through to current application in different types of organisation. It will cover the lean principles and the common lean tools.

5-25 people


To equip you with a new lens to analyse your process

To focus on waste – where to find it and how to look for the signs

To give you a methodology to build a proposed future state for your process

To introduce some tools which can be used to improve processes

Deliverables An understanding of lean principles
Process A mixture of presentations, simulations and exercises
  • Simulation (Current State)
  • Value Added Work and Waste (including Toast Kaizen)
  • Reducing/Eliminating Waste (Cycle Time, Inventory, Defects)
  • Visually Obvious (Visual Displays, Kanbans, 5S, Standard Work)
  • Connecting the System (Cell Design, Customer Pull, Flow)
  • Re-run Simulation (Future State)
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