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Facilitation Training Course

Title Facilitating Improvement
Duration 1.5 days
Description A facilitator acts as a guide to the improvement process, whether the aim is to improve a simple meeting or facilitate an improvement project. They step back from the content, avoiding getting lost in the detail, to keep a team moving forward and applying simple improvement tools. This course includes Adult Learning Theory, Basic Coaching Skills, Understanding Team Dynamics and Dealing with Team Problems.

12-24 people

Mission To develop active Facilitation skills while exploring the topics of the PPI Eight Step Method (from the Facilitators Perspective), Learning Theory, Understanding Team Dynamics, and Dealing with Team Problems
Deliverables You will have a foundation of skills and knowledge to actively Facilitate PPI teams through the Eight Step Method
Process Highly interactive sessions of Instruction and Skill Practice in a Learning Environment
  • The Team Environment
  • What is Facilitation?
  • Learning
  • PPI 8-Step Method
  • Individual & Team Behaviour
  • Managing Teams
Faciitation Training Facilitating PPI by Dr Mike Bell Facilitating PPI Training Guide by Dr Mike Bell

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