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What We Do

What improvements do you want to make and how might we be able to help?

Simple Improvement offers training, coaching and facilitation in continuous improvement. We specialise in Practical Process Improvement (PPI) and Dr. Mike Bell has co-written the training manuals and guides with Ed Zunich (creator of PPI). We can help to implement an improvement programme within your organisation.

This is what we do...

1. Design of training for project teams

2. Implement Practical Process Improvement (PPI)

3. Other Training; e.g. Process Mapping, Project Management

Design of Training for Project Teams

All of the training books, slides and other materials are designed in line with the latest thinking on adult learning. The training is conducted using a set of slides and all of the books have the same layout; a copy of each slide is placed on the top of the right page, with key points underneath. The left hand page is more like a traditional book, acting as a reference to come back to. Finally, there is space on the bottom of the right page for the team members to capture notes or thoughts about the topic.

All the materials can be customised with your organisation's logo, branding colours and forewords from leadership.

Implementing Practical Process Improvement (PPI)

PPI is simple, practical and involves everyone. It is designed for you to be able to run the entire programme using your existing staff; there is no need for external experts.

More information on the various packages to help you with PPI implementation...

3 support options to help implement PPI...

Improvement and Change

The importance of change theory to process improvement, focussing on 5 stages of change (DABDA) by Elizabeth Kubler Ross. I was influenced by Dr. Ben Bissell's work, so check him out for a more in depth look at change.

All PPI teams are involved in change and it is important that they understand the impact of the improvements that they are making on themselves and others outside the team. This short video can be used during the training.


Myers Briggs Types and Temperaments

This is a speech from Linlithgow Toastmasters on personality types. Dr Mike Bell describes the four temperaments, Guardians, Artisans, Idealists and Rationals, that have been identified since the time of the ancient Greeks. This complements the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, MBTI.

Mike is a qualified Myers Briggs Practitioner and can take a team through the assessment of personality type. This can be very helpful in dealing with change.